This morning, the Ontario Power Authority announced contract offers for 40 large scale renewable energy projects under the Feed-In Tariff Program, representing over 872 megawatts of renewable power.

Although only four of the contracts offered are for on-shore wind projects, on-shore wind is the energy source for over 70% of the capacity offered. Thirty-five solar projects (33 groundmount and two 500kW rooftop) represent over 29% of the capacity. A single water-power project of 500 kW makes up the balance. By region, 49% of the capacity is in the central region, 22% in the east and 28% in Niagara.

The announcement reflects the long anticipated results of the OPA’s transmission and distribution availability tests (so called TAT and DAT). Contract offers for smaller capacity allocation exempt(or CAE) projects are expected to follow over the coming weeks.

The list of contracts offered is available from the OPA FIT website.