DDTC has amended ITAR to add an exemption for the temporary export of chemical agent protective gear for personal use (Category XIV(f)(4)). This is intended as a companion to the existing ITAR exemption for temporary exports of body armor under ITAR sec.123.17. The chemical agent gear exemption is available for U.S. persons for exports to countries not subject to restrictions under ITAR § 126.1 and to countries subject to restrictions under ITAR § 126.1 under specified conditions. The exemption covers one set of protective gear; the gear must be for the exclusive use of the U.S. person making the export and must be returned to the United States. If the gear is not returned to the United States with the individual who temporarily exported it, the regulation specifies certain reporting requirements that must be followed. The exemption also covers one additional filter canister. The exporter must declare the articles to a Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) officer upon departure from the U.S., present the Internal Transaction Number from submission of the Electronic Export Information in the Automated Export System (“AES”) per ITAR sec.123.22, and the article must be presented to the CBP officer for inspection. Under this amendment, DDTC also expanded the exemption for the temporary export of body armor to cover the temporary export of one helmet covered under USML Category X(a)(6) when it is included with the body armor. These amendments contain a number of other specific conditions for use of the exemptions, and parties are advised to read the final regulation carefully before relying on the exemption to verify that the facts of their transactions fit within the terms of the exemption. The exemption is effective as of June 1, 2012. The Federal Register notice is available at: http://www.pmddtc.state.gov/FR/2012/77FR25865.pdf.