The City of Toronto has launched a new online registration system for short-term rental operators who rent their homes on a short-term basis for a period of less than 28 consecutive days. To see the new system, you can click this link.

Accordingly, short-term rental operators must register, online, with the City in order to operate in Toronto. Operators are only allowed to rent their principal residence (where they live and use the address for billing/tax purposes) on a short-term basis (owners cannot register units that they don’t otherwise occupy – this is aimed at eliminating “professional short-term renters”).

This new registration process is a mandatory to rent out homes (including condominiums) in Toronto for short-term stays. Registration for short-term rentals needs to be completed online. Going forward, all advertisements and listings will have a City-issued registration number.

The City of Toronto has also restated that it will continue to respond to short-term rental issues on a complaint basis. Residents can contact 311 to report issues related to short-term rentals, such as noise, waste and concerns if others are renting homes that are not their principal residence.

More information about Toronto short-term rentals is available at this link.

Ottawa does not have a system like this… yet! But wait for it.

However, regardless of where you are in Ontario, if you live in a condominium it is vital that you check your corporation’s rules and declaration to determine whether you can legally rent your unit on a short-term basis. Indeed, the fact that short-term rental may be permitted in your city, does not mean it is permitted in your condo. We’ve said it before: Condos can be more restrictive but not more permissive than the city or the province.

Renting your unit on a short-term basis in contravention of the governing documents can lead to legal fees and potentially litigation! The best practice is to check with your lawyer before engaging in this activity. This is especially important, as this new registration tool will be a resource available for Toronto Corporations who suspect that unlawful short-term rentals are taking place….