John Briner, a disbarred Canadian attorney, and his defunct law firm, Metrowest Law Corp., were ordered by a federal court to pay a fine of US $280,000 in response to a complaint brought by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in connection with an alleged scheme that utilized pre-arranged, noncompetitive matched trades involving single stock futures traded on One Chicago LLC. The scheme resulted in US $390,000 being illicitly transferred from Metrowest to an account in the name of Tech Power Inc. Previously, Tech Power and its owner, Mathew Marcus, agreed to pay a fine of US $250,000 to resolve CFTC charges in this matter; the action taken against Mr. Briner and Metrowest was a default order taken after they failed to respond to the CFTC’s complaint. (Click here for background on the CFTC’s complaint in the article, “CFTC Sues Respondents, Including Lawyer, for Single Stock Futures Pre-Arranged Trading to Pass Money” in the April 19, 2015 edition of Bridging the Week.)