As mentioned in an earlier posts, "Industry-Government Task Force Report Sheds Light on Future of Aviation Gasoline," "Environmental Advocacy Group Sues EPA to Regulate Emissions from Aviation Gasoline," and "EPA Sets Its Regulatory Cross Hairs on Lead Aviation Fuel," leaded aviation gasoline, or avgas, remains a concern in the general aviation sector.

A joint industry-government task force is currently tackling the problem, and in a June 2012 report stated that the goal of the task force is to advance unleaded aviation gasoline by 2018.  However, this timetable is too long for some, including Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D. Calif.). In a recent letter to Federal Aviation Administration Acting Administrator, Michael Huerta, Rep. Waxman asked the agency to promote the use of unleaded alternatives for piston engine aircraft that are available today.

In the letter, Rep. Waxman noted the detrimental health effects of lead and that general aviation fuel accounts for half of all lead emissions in the United States. These effects are exacerbated by the fact that many of the smaller aircraft that use leaded gasoline fly out of airports near densely-populated areas.

A press release from Rep. Waxman’s office can be found here.