On August 9, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed into law the Patients' Right to Know Act which reinstates a portion of the medical malpractice tort reform law that was struck down by the Illinois Supreme Court in February 2010.

The new law (225 ILCS 60/24.1) provides for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (the Department) to make publically available on a website a profile for each licensed physician and chiropractor. The profile will include the following:

  • Physician's full name and address of primary practice;
  • Any felony or Class A misdemeanor criminal convictions;
  • Any disciplinary action within the last five years in Illinois and before other licensing boards;
  • Revocation or involuntary restriction of hospital privileges and resignation or nonrenewal of privileges in the last five years;
  • All medical malpractice judgments, arbitration awards and settlements within the last five years;
  • Medical school and dates of attendance and graduation;
  • Specialty board of certification;
  • Number of years in practice;
  • Hospital where the physician holds privileges;
  • Appointments to medical school faculty;
  • Publications in peer-reviewed literature; and
  • Indication whether the physician participates in Medicaid.

A physician may decline to submit some of this information, such as faculty appointments and published literature. The profile is designed to give Illinois patients information to assist them in choosing a physician. Physicians who are licensed in Illinois will have 60 days to review the postings made by the Department for accuracy. The website is expected to be up within two months.