1 October 2010 saw the second monthly meeting of the UK Border Agency's panel to consider exceptional requests for Certificates of Sponsorship (CoSs) from Tier 2 registered sponsors.

The panel has now contacted all applicants to confirm whether their request has been granted. Kingsley Napley's immigration team has learned that only requests for CoSs where they are to be assigned to those applying to extend their stay in the UK in the same job with the same employer were granted. All exceptional CoS requests relating to new hires, or those intending to switch into Tier 2 from another immigration category, have been refused.

Many Tier 2 sponsors' CoS allocations were drastically reduced following the introduction of the interim caps on immigration from outside the EU in July 2010, making it necessary for many employers to request the allocation of a CoS on a case-by-case basis when a specific hire is required.