On April 14, 2016, the Kentucky Division for Air Quality filed two sets of regulations to bring state air quality regulations current with federal regulations and designations. First, 401 KAR 51:010 was filed with various amendments to bring area designations in the state regulations current with federal designations. Second, changes to 401 KAR 53:010 were filed on the same day to update the National Ambient Air Quality Standards that have been finalized by EPA. Last, on March 4, 2016 rules regarding Stage II controls for gas dispensing facilities became final. 

The Louisville Air Pollution Control District is also promulgating changes to its Stage II rules for vapor recovery, Rule 6.04. The proposed changes are currently out for public comment until May 13, 2016 with a hearing set for May 18, 2016. Information regarding public comments can be found at: https://louisvilleky.gov/government/air-pollution-control-district/services/proposed-actions-apcd.