The initiative covers a wide array of insights and guidance for the blockchain ecosystem, while a Latham-led working group explores the convergence of blockchain and AI.

Latham & Watkins collaborated with Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) and industry leaders to release the Global Standards Mapping Initiative (GSMI) 4.0. GSMI 4.0 is the most comprehensive effort to map and analyze the blockchain and digital assets landscape across key areas. It builds on previous releases since 2020 by mapping, cataloging, and analyzing data to provide a holistic view of the blockchain and digital assets industry’s global activity.

For the first time, GSMI focused on a new technology — artificial intelligence — and how this technology can both benefit from and provide benefits to the blockchain ecosystem. This working group produced a report that addresses the major facets of the current AI landscape, reviewing the main considerations to take into account as companies and organizations seek to deploy AI innovations. It also considers a select number of use cases for AI today, and the policy implications of such uses.

Latham partner Jenny Cieplak led the working group on AI & Convergence, with Mik Bushinski, Brian Fischer, Lauren Hanna, Ian Irlander, Chandler Keller, Jesse Lake, Daphne Lambadariou, and Katie Sarkesian authoring sections of the report on the use of AI in financial services.

Key features of the report include:

  • Interactive map of regulatory developments in 230 jurisdictions and six global bodies
  • 350 terms and definitions in taxonomy
  • Mapping of 63 technical standards bodies
  • Landscape with over 2,000 stakeholders
  • Over 1,500 courses from accredited educational institutions
  • Four in-depth reports and visuals on AI convergence, digital identity, supply chain, and sustainability
  • Country spotlight on Brazil