The SEC released its Select SEC and Market Data for Fiscal Year 2010, which includes statistical information addressing enforcement actions and investigations conducted by the SEC during 2010.

The release provides data on the following:

  • Enforcement Milestones
  • Enforcement Action Summary by Primary Classification
  • Fiscal 2010 Enforcement Cases by Program Area
  • Investigations of Possible Violations of the Acts Administered by the Commission
  • Right to Financial Privacy
  • SEC Total Investor Contacts by Fiscal Year
  • Ten Most Common Complaints During Fiscal 2010
  • Unconsolidated Financial Information for Broker-Dealers
  • Unconsolidated Annual Revenues for Broker-Dealers Doing a Public Business
  • Unconsolidated Balance Sheet for Broker-Dealers Doing a Public Business
  • Unconsolidated Revenue and Expenses for Carrying/Clearing Broker-Dealers
  • Unconsolidated Balance Sheet for Carrying/Clearing Broker-Dealers
  • Transaction Activity in Equities, Options and Security Futures