Canada took a major step forward in its plan to enforce tough new regulations on industry to reduce greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions today. The Government announced it has formally advised industry of new requirements to submit air emissions data to the Government of Canada within the next six months.

"Our Government has introduced the toughest plan in Canadian history to clean up our air, tackle climate change, and protect our environment," said Canada's Environment Minister John Baird. "The information we are demanding from industry is a critical step forward to develop and move forward with our Turning the Corner Action Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollution.

The Government of Canada has introduced tough, mandatory regulations for industry to reduce emissions by 20 percent by 2020 and 60 to 70 percent by 2050. Air pollution will also be cut in half by 2015. This is the most aggressive plan in Canadian history. The industrial sector accounts for half of all Canadian greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, as well as half of Canada's air pollution.

"This Government is serious about tackling climate change and protecting the air we breathe," said Minister Baird. "Our actions today speak to our commitment to make a real, concrete and measurable difference for Canadians and our environment."

The information that industry is being ordered to submit will be used to draft final regulations to be published in 2008. Industrial sectors targeted are: electricity; oil and gas; pulp and paper; smelting and refining; iron and steel; cement, lime, chemicals manufacturing; and, some mining sectors. These industries must provide information by May 31, 2008 about their emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases for the year 2006, and will be required to do so each year thereafter until the regulations come into force.

Minister Baird made the announcement at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Indonesia. Canada has been working hard at the conference to get all major emitters on board to make real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Canada believes in taking real action to combat climate change but also recognizes the need for common but differentiated targets for the world.

The notice to industry, published in the Canada Gazette Part I, is part of Turning the Corner: An Action Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollution launched in April 2007.

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