Between April 1 to 20 of this year, users of the Law on Industrial and Commercial Free Zones are obliged to submit to the DGA their quarterly reports together with their annexes in accordance with the general administrative provision DACG No. DGA-013 -2013 which requires the submission of information relating to its customs operations within the first twenty working days of the month following the expiration of each quarter.

On this point it is imperative to highlight the importance of the congruence of these quarterly reports, given that in previous quarters the DGA has found serious inconsistencies when analyzing the reports sent by the companies versus the information that the same DGA registers, and this is due to the deficiency in the controls and systems to reconcile the physical, accounting and customs aspects; for that reason it becomes necessary and essential that  users of the Law on Industrial and Commercial Free Zones have a system that allows them to reconcile these aspects, otherwise they will be exposed to a number of legal and economic consequences.

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