In accordance with the Fair Places and Safe Workplaces Order issued by President Obama on July 30, 2014, the NLRB has begun to ask employers charged with labor law violations to complete a one-page form identifying, among other things, whether they are federal contractors. The executive order, which applies to contracts worth at least $500,000, requires prospective federal contractors to disclose whether there have been any administrative merits determinations, arbitral awards, or civil judgments rendered against it within the preceding three-year period regarding, among other federal laws, the NLRA. When an employer is named in an unfair labor practice complaint, the NLRB will report the information to a federal database. Final rules to the executive order are forthcoming.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to garner union endorsements. Shifting its previous endorsement of Bernie Sanders, the 700,000-member Communications Workers of America has pledged its support to Clinton. Similarly, lauding Clinton’s stance on health care and immigration, the 270,000-member UNITE HERE endorsed Clinton just days after Clinton joined its Local 54 in its strike outside of the Trump Taj Mahal. Clinton has previously garnered endorsements from a slew of other unions, including the IAM, the UFCW, and the SEIU.