The MIIT and other 13 authorities jointly issued the Action Plan for Fully Rectifying Nuisance Calls (“Action Plan”) on 30 July 2018.

The Action Plan requires that basic telecom enterprises should strictly review the profiles and qualifications of users that occupy the circuits and numberings resources. They must not provide access to these resources to any illegal operations or operations that go beyond the scope agreed.

Basic telecom enterprises should enhance their technical capability to identify and prevent fake numbers from making calls. Internet enterprises should cut off and clear out all harassment software and applications. Mobile terminal manufacturers and other related enterprises should help end users to mark and alert nuisance numbers.

The Action Plan also targets illegal telemarketing of financial products, real estate, medical institutions and health food, human resources and tourism. Business owners and call centres must not send illegal or spam marketing information to end users. They should obtain consents from end users prior to outbound telemarketing and must not disrupt the normal life of end users. If an end user has explicitly refused to receive any telemarketing, they may not continue to harass the end user.

Please click here to read the full text (Chinese only) of the Action Plan.