Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt, has published a new framework on allowing local television services to be created across the UK.

The framework outlines the steps the Government intend to take by using available secondary order-making powers and the funding of up to £40 million secured through the licence fee settlement with the BBC to support local TV services.

Hunt explained:

"The proposals include three statutory instruments: the first, to reserve sufficient local, low-cost spectrum for carrying the local TV services; the second, to create a proportionate and targeted licensing regime for the spectrum and local TV service operators; and the third, to secure appropriate prominence for the licensed local services in television electronic programme guides."

It is envisaged that the framework will help to provide local content from local perspectives. It also is seen as offering the right incentives to the market in order to develop greater certainty and reduced risk for investors as well as providing the right incentives to the market to develop innovative business models.

It is expected the first local television licences will be awarded by Ofcom from summer 2012.