On February 3, 2015, the International Trade Commission (Commission) issued its final determination inCertain Multiple Mode Outdoor Grills, Inv. No. 337-TA-895, in which it found a violation of Section 337 as to Respondents Brinkmann Corporation (Brinkmann); Outdoor Leisure Products, Inc. (OLP); Dongguan Kingsun Enterprises Co., Ltd. (Kingsun); Academy, Ltd. (Academy); and Ningbo Huige Outdoor Products, Co., Ltd. (Huige). The Commission, however, found that respondents Char-Broil LLC (Char-Broil) and Zhejiang Fudeer Electric Appliance Company (Fudeer) did not violate Section 337. (In the interests of full disclosure, King & Spalding represented respondents Char-Broil and Fudeer in the -895 investigation.) The Complainants, A&J Manufacturing Co., LLC and A&J Manufacturing, Inc., initially alleged that respondents' combination gas and charcoal barbecue grills infringed three patents -- a utility patent (directed to a "Simultaneous Multiple Cooking Mode Barbecue Grill") and two design patents (directed to a "Pair of Lids for a Dual Grill" and a "Set of Smoke Stacks for a Dual Grill"). Complainants withdrew the design patent claims prior to the evidentiary hearing, which was held during the week of July 14, 2014. At the conclusion of the hearing, the ALJ found that respondents Brinkmann, OLP, Kingsun, Academy, and Huige had infringed the utility patent in violation of Section 337, but that respondents Char-Broil and Fudeer had not infringed the utility patent. The Commission affirmed the ALJ's Initial Determination and issued limited exclusion orders and cease and desist orders against Brinkmann, OLP, Kingsun, Academy, and Huige, but not Char-Broil or Fudeer. The Commission declined to issue a general exclusion order. The Commission's final determination starts the 60-day period of Presidential Review of the orders.