The current tier 4 guidance says that all sponsors who held a tier 4 licence on 6 April 2010, but did not make an application for a Highly Trusted Sponsor licence, may be assessed against the additional ratings criteria from 6 October 2010 or after they have had an intake of students.

It is recommended, therefore, that all colleges check their own figures against the percentages in the table below. If you believe that you are not within the percentage ranges set by the UKBA for your rating, this should be investigated before the UKBA visits or you should request this data. If you require assistance on how to calculate these percentages, please contact us. We can assist in not only calculating these percentages but in ensuring that the correct policies are in place and are being followed. This will allow you to ensure that only genuine students are attracted and recruited into your college.

Please click here to see the ratings for A and B rated colleges.