In a significant move to strengthen their roles and power in American society, three of the largest labor organizations held talks in April and created a National Labor Coordinating Committee. The Committee consists of the AFL-CIO, Change to Win and the National Education Association. Through consolidation, the unions will fight to enact changes in the law to help unions organize, including passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. Unification talks follow the break-up of the AFL-CIO in 2005 when a group of unions created Change to Win. To complete the consolidation, the unions need to agree to the sharing of revenues, governance and other administrative and operational issues.  

According to Alan M. Kaplan, unification will strengthen the unions by allowing the pooling of financial resources and political action. Although passage of the Employee Free Choice Act in its present form appears difficult, the unions – once unified – may be able to push more effectively for approval of amendments to the proposed law.