CCI by its order dated September 8, 2015 has found Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation (KFEF) violating section 3(3) (b) of the Competition Act, 2002 (Act). CCI found that the trade association, engaged in the business of exhibition of film in Kerala- had not allowed release of Tamil and Malayalam movies to the theatre of Informant, as the Informant has not participated in a strike called by KFEF and resigned from the membership of KFEF. Those distributors who did not comply with the instructions of KFEF were also boycotted and were not allowed to distribute their movies in Kerala. CCI held that the activities of the KFEF amounted to limiting and controlling supply of Malayalam and Tamil films in the State of Kerala, in contravention of section 3(1) read with 3(3)(b) of the Act. CCI imposed a penalty of 10% of the average turnover/income of the preceding three years on KFEF and its office bearers responsible for its conduct.