The Sierra Club, Gulf Restoration Network and Flint Riverkeeper (Collectively “Petitioners”) filed an August 17th Petition for Expedited Review of Agency Decision (“Petition”) in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit (“Court”) challenging the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ (“Corps”) issuance of five Clean Water Act 404 permits.

The Petitioners are challenging five Section 404 Clean Water Act permits that the Corps issued to Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC, Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, and Florida Southeast Connection for the Southeast Market Pipeline Project (“Project”).

The Project involves the transportation of natural gas via pipeline in the states of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. The 404 permits were presumably acquired due to the pipeline crossing various jurisdictional waterbodies.

The Petitioners are asking for a review of the Corps’ August 11th Record of Decision. The Petitioners further contend under Section 19(d)(5) of the Natural Gas Act that the Petition is subject to expedited review by the Court.

A copy of the Petition can be downloaded here.