The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (Amendment) Regulations 2007 are coming into force in April 2008. Under the regulations transsexuals will be given greater protection in a number of areas (although schools, the content of the media and advertisements are specifically excluded from the regulations). Employers will be required to modify existing relevant policies and equality training to ensure that members of staff are aware of circumstances where indirect discrimination may occur. The provision of dressing rooms is a particularly sensitive area and employers will have to approach this issue carefully.

The regulations will also amend the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 in relation to the way in which insurance companies calculate and charge premiums/benefits depending on a person’s sex. Regulation 16 states that premiums/benefits for transsexuals should be calculated on the basis of the transsexual’s legal sex (their birth sex) unless they have legally changed their gender via a full Gender Recognition Certificate under the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

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