On May 25, ALJ Gildea issued the public version of his May 11 order denying Respondent Gas Power Inc.'s motion for summary determination that U.S. Patent D610,732S is invalid because it did not name the correct inventors. In denying the motion, ALJ Gildea cited testimony '732 inventors, which created a genuine issue of material fact as to whether they contributed to the invention. ALJ Gildea's May 25 order also denied Respondents' motion for sanctions against Complainants Duggal Dimensions LLC et al. for seeking to enforce the '732 patent while allegedly knowing the patent to be invalid. In denying that motion, ALJ Gildea found that Complainants had an objectively reasonable basis to rely upon the validity of the '732 patent. The investigation is 337-TA-736, Certain Wind and Solar Powered Light Posts and Street Lamps.