UK firms employing staff in Jersey should be aware that staff working under contract have the same protection as full-time employees, says Ogier employment lawyer Daniel Read, in the wake of a major report into English workplace laws that has effectively proposed that they follow a model that is already reflected in Jersey law.

The Taylor Review has called for reform of the UK's employment law to reclassify flexible workers in the "gig economy" as "dependent contractors", a move that would give them statutory protection from unfair dismissal, as well as other benefits.

Jersey's employment law, in most circumstances, already offers the full protection of the employment law to contracted staff.

Daniel, an Advocate and a senior associate in Ogier's Jersey employment law team, said: "The Taylor review highlights this key difference between employment legislation in Jersey and that of England and Wales, and it is a key point for UK firms that operate and employ staff here.

"In this respect, Jersey is ahead of the UK position.

"There are a significant number of UK firms that employ staff in Jersey, and they should be aware of the variations between the respective jurisdictions' employment legislation, and we recommend that they take advice on the Jersey position as this may be different from what they are used to."