The registrant of has been ordered to transfer it to, er, Ryanair. Robert Tyler decided to voice his (many) grievances about the airline on a blog which, according to Ryanair, contained “vitriolic and highly disparaging” comments about it , some also posted by third parties attracted no doubt by the title of the site. Ryanair didn't sue for defamation but turned to Nominet's domain disputes process.

Nominet had to decide whether the registration was abusive and only just came down on Ryanair’s side. It did so largely because Mr Tyler started earning money by including links on the site to other airlines. Nominet found that people were attracted to the site because of the Ryanair trade mark and that Mr Tyler had gained financially as a result.

According to the Nominet ruling “criticism websites are essential in a democratic society, but if they draw in internet users by using a domain name containing a company’s brand then they must be wholly devoted to honest criticism and open discussion and not potentially tainted by commercial concerns”. By profiting from advertising other airlines - even though it was only £322 - the registration was held with "regret" by the expert to be unfair as it took unfair financial advantage of Ryanair's name.

This didn't stop him for long though. Mr Tyler immediately switched the site to where he continues to vent his feelings. This time without the ad links though....