The Supreme Court of the United States issued one decision this morning:

Felkner v. Jackson, No. 10-797: In a per curiam opinion, the Court summarily reversed a Ninth Circuit decision which had overturned a lower court ruling regarding a so-called Batson challenge (a claim that a prosecutor had exercised peremptory challenges to exclude black prospective jurors on the basis of their race). The Court held that the state court decision being reviewed on federal habeas "was plainly not unreasonable," and that "[t]here was simply no basis for the Ninth Circuit to reach the opposite conclusion, particularly in such a dismissive manner" (the Ninth Circuit decision was three paragraphs long).

The Court's decision is available here.

The Supreme Court also granted review in two cases:

Maples v. Thomas, No. 10-63: In this capital case, a missed filing deadline occurred through no fault of petitioner and after the State failed to take any action when court orders mailed to petitioner’s lead attorneys of record were returned to a court clerk unopened with "Return to Sender--Left Firm" written on an envelope. The Question Presented is whether there was "cause" to excuse the procedural default.

Rehberg v. Paulk, No. 10-788: Whether a government official who acts as a “complaining witness” by presenting perjured testimony against an innocent citizen is entitled to absolute immunity from a Section 1983 claim for civil damages.