After Irene, Sandy, and a record rainfall this June, it is evident why condominiums and townhomes must be built in accordance with applicable building codes, architectural plans, and manufacturer specifications. If the construction of a community association was subpar, the water infiltration from improper construction undoubtedly led to water infiltration, wood rot, and possibly mold.

The “usual suspects” of water infiltration comes from the following building components if improperly installed:

  1. shingled roofs
  2. flat roofs
  3. windows
  4. bay windows
  5. balconies
  6. balcony doors
  7. brick
  8. EIFS
  9. stucco
  10. vinyl
  11. exterior decorative wood paneling

I will describe each of these building components in detail and the way they should be properly installed in this continuing blog series. However, it is important to note that If you are currently experiencing water infiltration, it is important to have your property manager document the problem, and to notify your legal and engineering professionals.