If so, we recommend that you take the necessary steps to renew your license for a further four-year period sooner rather than later given the current backlog being experienced at the Sponsor License Unit.

The renewal of your Tier 2 Sponsor License can be arranged via your Sponsor Management System, where you can also check your sponsor license details using the ‘License summary’ function to ensure your details are up to date. Whilst this is a fairly straight forward process the request to renew a Sponsor License more often than not triggers an audit from the Compliance Team at the Sponsor License Unit, particularly if you have not been subject to an audit within the past four year period.

During such a visit, a Compliance Officer will review your personnel files and HR systems to ensure correct documentation is being retained by you. The officer will also assess whether your HR processes and procedures are robust enough to track and monitor sponsored employees, among other areas of compliance.

In advance of renewing your Tier 2 Sponsor License, a review of your HR processes and procedures is therefore highly recommended to ensure that you remain fully compliant with your sponsor duties.

Failure to renew a sponsor license before its expiry means your Sponsor License will expire resulting in your business no longer being able to sponsor or continue to sponsor migrant workers.