Dangers of the Status Quo

Sticking with the status quo is a choice, and as we all know, sticking with the status quo can – in many cases – be a very dangerous choice. And as the clocks turned forward one hour this past weekend, there is no better reminder that continuing to have daylight savings time in Canada is a choice – and a very dangerous one at that. As many people are aware, daylight savings time is linked to an increase in car accidents, an increase in heart attacks and a massive hit to the economy from sleep-deprived employees. There are nominal (if any) benefits to daylight savings time, yet in spite of all the evidence, the powers that be compel us to keep setting our clocks forward every March.

The status quo truly can be a dangerous choice. But sometimes, even that isn’t enough to drive change.

One Presentation Worth Watching

Last week, Daniel Katz delivered the keynote presentation at the ABA TECHSHOW 2018. Thankfully, Daniel made his presentation deck publicly available online. Daniel’s deck is one of the best summaries I’ve seen to date of the state of the legal market, the need for innovation, the threats that incumbents (i.e. BigLaw firms) are facing and the opportunities for change. If you’re interested in understanding more about the changes to the legal services industry, this is the perfect place to start.