Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on Food Information to Consumers (FIC) provides that nutrition declarations on pre-packed foods are mandatory1 from 13 December 2013.

Food business owners must ensure that labels are updated to include the mandatory nutrition information.

What do I need to include on a nutrition declaration?

  • The following information MUST be on the label from 13th December 2016 :

    1. The energy value

    2. Amount of: a. fat i. saturates b. carbohydrate i. sugars c. protein  d. salt (where salt content is entirely due as a result of naturally occurring sodium a statement indicating this may appear in close proximity to the nutrition declaration)

  • The following supplementary information MAY be added to the nutrition declaration:

    1. mono-unsaturates

    2. polyunsaturates

    3. polyols

    4. starch

    5. fibre

    6. certain vitamins and minerals set out in FIC

  • Where the energy value or the amount of nutrient(s) in a product is negligible, the information on those elements may be replaced by a statement in close proximity to the nutrition declaration which provides ‘Contains negligible amounts of…’

  • This information must be presented in a clear format in the same field of vision and in tabular format where space permits. Only the mandatory and the supplementary information may be included on the nutrition declaration.

  • The energy value and the amount of the nutrients present may be expressed as per 100g or per 100ml and additionally (but not instead of) may be expressed per portion (or consumption unit).

  • Where vitamins and minerals appear on the nutrition declaration the percentage of reference intake must also be included. Energy value and nutrients may also be expressed by percentage of reference intake, in addition to the mandatory requirements.

  • The units of measurement to be used for energy shall be kilojoules (kJ) and kilocalories and mass (grams (g), milligrams (mg) and micrograms (μg)).

  • On front of pack (the principal field of vision) energy value or energy value together with fat, saturates, sugars and salt must be included.

  • FIC sets out a specific presentation format for the nutrition declaration:

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