The timelines provide a high-level overview of the duration of the merger control process and the procedural steps in the 68 jurisdictions covered by this book. Given the complexity of some merger control regimes, it has not always been possible to cover all possible variations and exemptions. For more detailed information, the reader should turn to the relevant country chapters. The following aspects should be borne in mind when working with the timelines:

  • The information regarding the filing deadline relates only to the need to file a notification within a certain period of time after a triggering event. It does not address the issue of whether the relevant jurisdiction operates a suspension obligation. Where no filing deadline exists, filing might be (and often is) required prior to implementation.
  • Furthermore, the information regarding the filing deadline does not address the triggering event or events.
  • Many jurisdictions operate rules pursuant to which a deadline is suspended in the event of an information request (until the information is supplied, for a fixed period or if the information is not supplied in a timely manner). Such suspensions are, as a rule, not taken into account.
  • In many jurisdictions, the clock only starts after a complete filing. Rules on the scope of information to be supplied and the potential confirmation of completeness by the relevant competition authority are generally not considered.
  • In some jurisdictions, deadlines are extended where the relevant periods include official holidays. In addition, deadlines are extended to the next working day where they would otherwise end on a weekend or official holiday in most jurisdictions. Such extensions of the deadlines are not taken into account.
  • The timelines often use abbreviations for the relevant competition authorities. The reader can find the full names in the relevant country chapter.
  • The timelines do not take into account the effect on timing of pre-merger contacts with the competition authority, which may be expected to occur in some jurisdictions.
  • The timelines do not take into account ministerial authorisations after a prohibition decision, which are possible in some jurisdictions.
  • Some jurisdictions have a pre-merger as well as a post-merger notification requirement. In these cases, the different deadlines are dealt with in one timeline.
  • Where relevant, additional information about, for example, proposed changes to the procedure or the status of the merger control rules are explained in separate boxes next to the relevant jurisdiction’s timeline.


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