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Mrinal Jain

Mrinal Jain is a director at Secretariat and based in India. Mrinal’s primary area of focus is the assessment of quantum, financial, economic and valuation issues in contentious and non-contentious matters. He is recognised as one of the leading expert witnesses in international arbitration in WWL: Arbitration 2019, 2020 and 2021 and WWL Thought Leaders: Arbitration 2021.

He commenced his professional career with a Big Four accounting firm in New York in 2007 and brings with him more than 14 years of experience in corporate finance, valuation and quantification of damages, claims or losses and preparation of independent expert reports and rebuttal reports in dispute cases. Specifically, Mr...

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"Mrinal has a great handle of the details of the case"
"He is a strategic thinker"
"He is very easy to work with"


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