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Antonio Rigozzi

Antonio Rigozzi is a founding partner at Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler, a leading international arbitration firm based in Geneva, Switzerland.

He serves as an arbitrator (chairman, sole or party-appointed arbitrator) and acts as counsel or co-counsel in international and domestic commercial arbitrations. Antonio’s areas of specialisation include international agreements such as joint ventures, distribution, sales, and licensing contracts in a number of fields, including machinery, energy and fashion. He also represents clients in arbitration-related court proceedings in Switzerland, in particular in connection with actions to set aside Swiss arbitral awards and to recognise or enforce foreign awards,...

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“Antonio is a leading practitioner, renowned especially for his work in sports arbitration"
"He is a well-known and respected arbitration practitioner"
"Antonio is a shrewd strategist, an articulate thinker and a team player"


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