Patrick Hünerwadel
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Patrick Hünerwadel

Dr Patrick Hünerwadel is an expert in structured and lease finance, asset securitisation and derivatives. He leads the banking and finance practice group of Lenz & Staehelin in Zurich. He is the author of various netting/collateral opinions for the finance industry, its associations and regulators.

Admitted as an expert to the SIX Swiss Exchange for listing purposes, he is a lecturer on corporate law and contracts at the University of St Gallen. He is also co-chairman of the banking law practice group of the Zurich Bar Association.

Patrick Hünerwadel holds a law degree (1984) as well as a doctorate in law (1989) from the University of St Gallen. Admitted to the Zurich Bar in 1987, he…

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Patrick Hünerwadel receives widespread endorsements for his top-tier financing practice which sees him adeptly advise clients on project finance deals across a range of sectors.

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