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Ken Metcalfe

Ken is a forensic accounting and economic damages expert with over 40 years of experience in a variety of industry sectors.

Ken has provided testimony at trial or arbitration in litigations on over 40 occasions, delivered depositions on over 50 occasions and has given concurrent expert witness testimony (hot-tubbing) on two occasions. He has helped counsel and clients to resolve disputes in excess of US$7.5 billion on projects valued at over US$20 billion. He has testified on damages issues in federal and state courts and in US and international arbitrations, and also assisted counsel and clients in numerous extensive settlement negotiations, as well as in mediation. Prior to the firm’s being…

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Kenneth Metcalfe possesses 40 years of experience as an expert consultant and witness, specializing in economic damages and forensic investigations in numerous industries including electric power generation and utilities, with extensive experience in the nuclear power industry.

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