Carlos Taboada R.
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Carlos Taboada R.

Carlos Taboada is partner of Consortium Legal – Nicaragua. He has extensive experience in real estate projects (commercial, residential and multi-purpose), microfinance and acquisitions in Nicaragua. He has participated providing corporate, contract, and tax structure advice in important transactions such as the acquisition of valuable and strategic properties for foreign investors, the acquisition of local factories and finance companies among others.

In 2005, he actively participated in the integration of five Central American firms to create Consortium Legal, and in 2010 he helped in the founding of INIDEM Business Law School in Panama, a graduate school for Latin American lawyers. He is…

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Carlos Eduardo Taboada Rodríguez stands out among peers for his vast experience of high-value transactions across the construction and real estate sector, as well as related tax and foreign investment matters.

Central America

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