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Force majeure clauses under English law

06/01/2016 In contract law, force majeure refers to exceptional events which prevent or hinder the performance of an obligation. Generally, these are events…

Quiet enjoyment letters – benefit to lenders?

19/06/2019 Quiet enjoyment letters are often used where a ship, rig or other unit being financed is subject to a long-term charterparty to govern the...

Liability for cargo damage due to insufficient packing

07/01/2015 Cargo damage is sometimes caused by the packaging of the cargo being insufficient to prevent damage to the cargo during transportation. Whether the...

Legal challenges with cross border transport of CO2

13/07/2022 In an attempt to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from plants and heavy industry, the Norwegian government and industry have for several years...

Real estate transactions – offer and acceptance letters

04/09/2015 The first step in a real estate transaction in Norway is usually an offer letter from the bidder setting out the main terms of the transaction. The...

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