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At a glance: termination of employment in Romania

30/04/2021 A look at the key legal provisions governing the termination of employment in Romania, including grounds for dismissal, notice requirements and severance pay, among other things.

At a glance: hiring employees in Romania

30/04/2021 A look at the key legal provisions governing the hiring of employees in Romania, including background checks, anti-discrimination laws, probationary periods and employee classification, among other things.

Recruiting staff in Romania and background checks: What employers need to know

01/06/2022 Recruiting staff in Romania may seem daunting to employers, specifically to those foreign-owned, unfamiliar with Romanian employment legislation…

Factoring versus forfaiting: operations subject to value added tax?

14/06/2013 The need to maintain existing clients' loyalty while attracting new clients has increasingly led suppliers and providers of goods and services to...

COVID-19 vaccination - a careful balancing act between occupational health and safety and a discrimination-free workplace

09/11/2021 Despite several COVID-19 vaccines authorized for worldwide use and large scale administration programmes, consumer acceptance and confidence in their…

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