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Failure to File a Statement of Information May Be More Harmful Than You Think

05/07/2016 Recently, I received a call from the owners of one of my clients who explained the shocking news that they had apparently lost the right to their…

AB 1701 Has Passed - Developers and General Contractors Are Now Required to Double Pay for Labor Due to Their Subcontractors’ Failure to Pay

04/10/2017 On September 13, 2017, the California State Legislators passed a bill that would make developers and general contractors responsible for…

Easement, license or both?

10/06/2015 The terms easements and licenses are sometimes used interchangeably by laypersons and lawyers alike. Easements and licenses, however, represent very…

Recovering Your Attorney’s Fees in Adjoining Property Disputes

05/04/2017 Even though most people consider themselves to be reasonable and easy to get along with, most people also have had the uncomfortable experience of…

Data Scraping: Theft or Fair Game?

03/12/2018 In the modern information age, data has become one of society's most valuable commodities. More and more information is being put out into the world…

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