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Multiple dependent claims: clarity over cost

15/04/2019 The need to control costs in jurisdictions where government fees increase substantially based on the number of claims often forces…

Patent term extension according to the New Mexican IP Law

21/01/2021 Until recently, patent term extensions of any kind were not available under any circumstances in Mexican Law, but this will be different with the…

ADR: pros and cons

19/03/2020 Over the past three decades, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has increased in popularity to the point that most parties appear to prefer it to…

Companies' criminal and administrative liability

24/12/2018 Historically, only individuals could commit crimes in Mexico. However, following recent amendments to the Criminal Code and the enactment of the new…

Assignment of patent rights

31/05/2021 A patent assignment represents a total and permanent transfer of the patent from its owner (the 'assignor') to another party (the 'assignee...

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