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Impact of globalization and technology on professional sports

15/10/2010 Technological advances are bringing sporting events to more people than ever before.

Royalty payments deemed deductible as current expense

19/05/2010 Trademark licensees, and likely copyright and patent licensees, can now take comfort in deducting royalty payments as a current expense in light of a recent federal appeals court decision.

Delaware adds new short-form merger statute

18/08/2010 Delaware has enacted a simplified method for effecting a merger between a parent and a subsidiary—often referred to as a "short-form merger"—when the parent is a Delaware non-corporate entity (such as a general or limited partnership, or a limited liability company) and the subsidiary is a corporation in which the parent owns at least 90% of the outstanding shares of each class of stock.

What is the Homestead Exemption and when does it come into play?

21/02/2013 Public policy in New York prompted the establishment of, and recent increase to the Homestead Exemption (the "Exemption"), codified in the CPLR at…

What happens to personal property left in an abandoned unit after it has been sold at a sheriff’s or foreclosure sale?

11/09/2013 When a unit is sold at a sheriff's sale to satisfy a personal money judgment or foreclosure judgment to satisfy a lien, the interest being sold is…

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