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The basics: Dodd-Frank vs. Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower law

05/11/2013 The Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower laws are hot topics right now. A split of authority is developing in the federal courts over how an…

Non-solicitation clauses: they’re up to you, New York

26/06/2015 National employers sometimes include choice-of-law provisions in their employment agreements, selecting one particular state's law even for employees…

Active Shooter Drill Backfires on Employer

20/07/2016 After a spate of horrific shootings at schools and businesses across the country, employers started conducting unannounced “active shooter” drills to…

The CEO of iGate had an affair with an employee, was fired and is now suing the company for severance - putting at issue the classic question of cause and reminding us of a few best practices

11/12/2013 In May, iGate sacked its CEO Phaneesh Murthy, claiming that the Board decided to do so after its outside legal counsel found that Mr. Murthy's…

You’ve got (unprivileged) mail: court rules that prosecutors can use e-mail sent by personal attorney to employee’s work account

18/03/2013 Employees use their work e-mails for all kinds of communications, from the business-related to the personal and private. When a dispute arises…

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