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Casual sex, STIs, and the criminal law

22/04/2016 The dramatic increase in the use of dating and hook-up apps in the last few years has put casual sex, and the risks inherent in it, under public…

The end of the Dubai debt sentence?

30/08/2018 The fallout from the 2008 financial crisis is still being felt by many who left the UAE in a hurry. Since then, the UAE has become an extradition…

De-Arrest: Cleaning up your police record

27/07/2017 David Farley was arrested by police after accidently knocking into David Cameron in 2014 whilst out jogging. He was questioned by the police but later…

The curious case of cannabis seeds and the criminal law

02/07/2018 Cannabis has hit the headlines again. In the US, Senator Chuck Schumer has just introduced legislation to decriminalise cannabis at the federal level…

The consequences of arrest for professionals

05/01/2018 For the majority of people, whose only interaction with lawyers might be when buying a house or arranging a will, being arrested is an extremely…

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