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Government finally adopts Grenelle Environment Project

09/08/2010 In 2007 the government launched a democratic debate on environmental issues, known as the Grenelle Environment Project. The initiative has now been...

The Grenelle Environment Project: An Ecological Revolution

22/12/2008 The Grenelle Environment Project is a national conference on the environment that aims to launch an ecological revolution and to create favourable...

Latest developments in the fight against environmental crime

10/05/2010 Recent developments in the field of criminal environmental law highlight new improvements in the traceability of environmental crime and the...

Recent developments in waste law management

30/08/2011 On the basis of the Grenelle Acts 1 and 2, France is on course to meet some of its waste management targets for 2012 (eg, reducing the production...

First Application of Environment Charter in Court Decision

25/07/2005 On April 29 2005 an administrative court issued an order prohibiting a rave party on the basis of the Charter for the Environment adopted by...

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