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Revisions to South Korean Patent Act in effect from April 2022

03/01/2022 Various revisions to the Patent Act will take effect in April 2022. The revisions meaningful to foreign applicants include an extension of the...

Patent Term Extension in Korea

14/01/2020 The Korean patent term extension (PTE) system is comparable to the provision of supplementary protection certificates (SPC) in Europe. Like SPCs, the…

South Korea - Recognition of Digital (Electronic) Signatures

23/06/2020 The Korean Intellectual Property Office (“KIPO”) has recently published amended guidelines concerning digital identification, according to which…

Considerations when establishing South Korean patent portfolios

09/11/2020 This article compares the patent registration rates by technology field in South Korea with the other IP5 jurisdictions (ie, the United States...

Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) in Korea: FAQs

13/01/2020 Since the introduction of the US-Korea PPH pilot in 2008, we have received various and wide-ranging questions regarding PPH implementation, inclu…

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