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Overview of syndicated loans

17/06/2013 Syndicated loans are loans, offered by a banking group, that are organized by one or more banks. Several banks and financial institutions participate…

Case study: disputes over the termination of labor contracts—analysis of late-arrival penalties and employee violations of service agreements

23/09/2014 Liang joined T Company in Guangzhou in May 2007 as the Section Chief of the cartography center. The term of the latest labor contract between the two…

How to effectively respond to rejection of an application for trademark registration

07/07/2015 After receiving a filing for a trademark registration, the China Trademark Office (hereinafter the "CTMO") will initiate both formal and substantive…

数据研究 | 个人数据跨境传输限制之合规梳理

25/06/2019 2018年5月25日,被称为欧盟“史上最严”、“保护水平最高的”数据保护规则General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) 正式生效…

Some Thoughts on Tort of Insider Trading Based on the First Judgment Issued by the Shanghai Second Intermediate People’s Court For the “Fat-Finger Error” Case

07/03/2016 On September 30, 2015, Shanghai Second Intermediate People’s Court ruled in favor of six investors in Eight Investors v. Everbright Securities, a…

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