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Copyright Does Not Protect Ideas, Only Expression

06/12/2017 On December 6, 2107, Judge Louis Stanton dismissed Randy Brown’s copyright law suit against Time Warner, Turner Broadcasting, Cartoon Network and…

A Helpful Guide to Ribbon Copies, Certified Patents, Patent Plaques, and More

18/06/2020 Anyone with an internet connection and a printer can download and print any U.S. patent from the USPTO, Google Patents, or other sources. When it…

Will Netflix have a Devil of Time Defending Suit Brought by Satanic Temple?

09/11/2018 The Satanic Temple sued Netflix for using a computer-generated image of Baphomet in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that was apparently copied…

Our Own Patent Law Oddities

18/01/2019 For the fifty years between 1940 and 1990, The St. Louis Post Dispatch had a section in its comics pages titled “Our Own Oddities” that featured…

Design Patent Infringement is a Matter of Appearance and Appearances

07/10/2019 Nike recently sued Skechers for infringement of twelve of Nike’s design patents. The Complaint convincingly establishes the similarity of the…

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