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Hugo Boss Unable to Prove Popularity in Venezuela

18/08/2003 In a startling decision the minister of trade recently ignored the popularity of the HUGO BOSS name in the Venezuelan market and ruled in favour of...

Overview (June 2003)

30/06/2003 Including: Patents; Trademarks; Copyright.

No Priority for Franchise Imports under New Currency Control System

08/04/2003 The government has issued the first of several regulations establishing a new currency control regime to be administered by the Commission for the...

Overview (June 2003)

24/06/2003 Including: Antitrust Regulations; Foreign Licensing Regulations.

New Currency Control Regime Impacts on Royalties and Licensing Fees

31/03/2003 The introduction of the third exchange control regime in 20 years has increased the prospect of lengthy delays and bureaucratic obstacles in...

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