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Contract auto-renewals not necessarily so “automatic” as recent NY case demonstrates

25/06/2012 An “auto-renewal” clause in a contract provides that the term of the contract will automatically renew at the end of the specified term, unless a party provides advance notice of its intent to cancel (which typically must be given by a designated deadline).

Defective construction claims: where breach of warranty and covered occurrences merge or divide

21/03/2014 In the construction industry, every owner, general contractor and subcontractor understands the necessity to include the cost of insurance in bids…

CMS expands Medicare Advantage encounter data reporting requirements

19/08/2008 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) expanded its authority to collect and use encounter data for risk adjustment and other purposes by a final amendment to Section 422.310 of the Medicare Advantage (MA) Rule.

Can an employer wrongfully “hire” someone? A recent case highlights potential pitfalls of the hiring process

08/12/2010 A federal jury recently awarded a former Seagate Technology engineer $1.9 million on his claim that he was wrongfully "hired" by the company.

Is continued employment enough to uphold invention assignment agreements?

24/10/2012 It is a common misconception that employers automatically own the rights to intellectual property created by their employees.

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