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Noise complaints in condos : the perils of failing to enforce condo rules

04/02/2013 Property managers and condominium corporations should take noise complaints seriously or risk facing serious financial consequences. In a recent case…

Special assessments: insure your risk

09/09/2013 If the amounts in a reserve fund are inadequate to meet the expenditures, or if unforeseen circumstances bring forth an unexpected increase in the…

Bug infestations in condominiums

25/03/2013 Dealing with neighbors can be a frustrating aspect of condominium living - but what if your neighbors are tens of thousands of tiny bugs? A unit…

Condominium liable for failing to provide a parking space to a person with a disability

29/07/2013 We have previously written about the obligations the Ontario Human Rights Code places on condominium corporations. A recent decision of the Ontario…

Keep your pants on - the morals clause in performer contracts

18/01/2012 How much room for innovation is there in the realm of the so-called "morals clause"? 

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