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"Types" of Protection for Font and Typeface Designs

30/11/2017 As a counterpoint to our article last month regarding a copyright infringement and breach of contract lawsuit filed against Target over a computer…

Recent Trends on the U.S. Doctrine of Equivalents

19/09/2017 U.S. courts have long recognized that a product or process which does not literally infringe a patent can nevertheless infringe under the "doctrine of…

A Comparison of US and EPO Post Grant Practices

16/06/2017 Challenging the validity of a patent through the courts of Europe and the United States can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Oppositions at…

Ugh (or Ugg?), Another Trademark Dispute

30/11/2017 UGG brand boots are a popular fixture on many holiday wish lists, but did you know that the UGG trademark has been the center of a dispute for the…

Patent Grace Period Laws in the IP5 Patent Offices: Some Similarities But Largely Different

16/05/2017 Life science and other high technology companies most frequently file patent applications in five IP offices (IP5), namely: the United States Patent…

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